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Asafoetida has been referred to as the "Food of the Gods"

However, most users associate this wonder herb primarily as a flavor enhancer.

When used in cooking, Asafoetida acts as a natural digestive, preventing stomach-related issues like muscle cramps. It is a wonderful remedy for tiredness in children.

Make sure your family enjoys the best quality Asafoetida, just like Nature intended it to be!

With three distinct varieties to choose from, each is identified by its prominent and vibrant packaging.

The Special, Crystal and Microfine Powder variants are processed and packaged in a variety of super strong paste to medium strong compounded asafoetida.

Asafoetida is beneficial for nervous and emotional problems

Asafoetida nourishes tissues, affected by a variety of related causes.

Effective in treating respiratory tract infections and cough. Relieves chest congestion by opening up the airways.

With our industrial use variants, we ensure there is something for everyone to relish

S.S.P asafoetida for industrial use is available in five varieties, making it a popular choice for hotels and catering companies.

The Crystal, 303, Hotel Special, Microfine Powder and PN come in different forms ranging from pea sized granules to semi solid paste to a unique blend of strong flavor and are processed and packaged in ideal quantities for large scale use.