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Asafoetida is mentioned as

Hingu – In Sanskrit works

Isa – By Arabian writers

Anguzan – Persia

Hing – Hindi

Hingu – Kannada

Perungayam – Tamil

Asafoetida is the dried gum-resin exuded from the tap root of Ferula. This species is native to Afghanistan and Eastern Iran. The raw asafoetida extracted is in the form of a milky sap. The extraction is similar to the rubber extraction process.

How Compounded Asafoetida is made?

Raw asafoetida cannot be used directly because of its intensive concentration and the contents of fragmented roots and sand along with other extraneous matter. This substance is carefully handled to process the compounded asafoetida. It is cleaned systematically, a method for the first time in India, uniquely innovated by Sri S. S. Pandian. During this cleaning process there is a huge loss in weight of raw asafoetida as the impurities are released and pure asafoetida is extracted. After several steps and additions of only natural vegetarian ingredients, the intense power of the raw substance is diluted and compounded asafoetida is made. At SSP this compounded asafoetida is formulated in three premium ranges – SSP Crystal, SSP Special and SSP Microfine Powder.