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Industrial Use

303 asafoetida 303

An exclusive SSP product, recommended for hotels and corporate kitchens.

hotel-asafoetida Crystal

This asafoetida has a medium strong flavour.

hotel-spl -asafoetida Hotel Special

SSP‘s special asafoetida, available for industrial convenience in a choice of packed 250g & 500g jar.

pn-asafoetida PN

Superior SSP Asafoetida( or hing/ perungayam) available in 500g packs.

high-quality-asafoetida Powder

This SSP asafoetida or hing product is in the form of Microfine Powder.

Asafoetida Online Special

This variety of asafoetida, hing or perungayam comes in a semi-solid paste form.