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Do you deliver overseas?

Yes we deliver to these countries: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US).

What are the products available for international Shipping?

International shipping is available for these products: Crystal (5g, 10g, and 25g), Powder (5g, 10g, and 25g) and Hotel Special (250g).

Where can I purchase SSP Asafoetida or hing outside Karnataka?

Since we do not place our products at retail stores outside Karnataka, you can buy directly from our website.

In case I order online, after how many days will I receive the product?

Depending on your shipping address, you should receive your consignment between 7 to 10 days.

I haven't received my order although it is showing that the order was delivered.

We can help you, if you email your order number to us at:

Please let me know where I get SSP Asafoetida / hing in Chennai?

Since we do not place our products at retail stores in Chennai, you can buy directly from our website

How can I buy SSP 303 Compounded Asafoetida for household use?

SSP 303 Compounded Asafoetida is available in larger size packaging for commercial or industrial use. If you are in Karnataka, you can find this product placed at a retail store near you. If you do not find it locally or are not from Karnataka, you can buy directly from our website

We want to be distributors for your products outside Karnataka. How do we go about it?

We are always open to partnerships. You may email us directly with your details at:

I wish to purchase SSP Hing in bulk. How do I go about it?

Depending on the variant of hing and the quantities you need, you may visit our products page and check out the ‘For Industrial Use’ section, where you will find various sizes of products that may meet your needs. In case you are looking to purchase larger quantities, you may write to us directly at:

Is SSP Powder asafoetida pure? What are the ingredients in it? Why is it expensive as compared to other brands?

SSP products are Compounded Asafoetida and its ingredients are natural Asafoetida, Maida / Starch and edible oil. Unlike other Compounded Asafoetida brands, Arabic Gum is not added to SSP Compounded Asafoetida, which makes it a high quality and the most desired brand.

We have been in existence as a family-run business for over 60 years and through hard work, today rank amongst India’s most popular Asafoetida / hing brands amongst households, corporate and hotel chefs, pickle and curry powder manufacturers and those engaged in industrial or bulk cooking. The care exercised at every stage of manufacture in terms of purity, quality and packaging of our products have set the standards in our industry. Compromise is not a word in our dictionary.

Where can I purchase an SSP Hing Blue in the USA?

If you are referring to SSP Special Asafoetida that’s available in blue jars, you can check out the details here Unfortunately, we do not ship this product outside India.

Is there online purchase of asafoetida?

Yes all our products are available online from our website.

I don't know how to place an order online; can you please help me?

Sure, can you please email your mobile / landline number to: Alternatively, you can call us on: 91 99004 55100

How can I buy these products?

You can buy these products directly from our website

How do I buy the SSP Hotel Special Asafoetida jar in Canada?

Click here to place your order directly on our website.

Do you ship outside India? If yes, could you please let me know which products can be ordered and shipped outside India?

Yes, we do ship outside India. International shipping is available for these products: Crystal (5g, 10g, and 25g), Powder (5g, 10g, and 25g) and Hotel Special (250g). Depending on your shipping address, products are normally delivered between 7 to 10 days of placing the order.